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October 29 2018

“Fall in love with yourself, with life, then with whomever you want” Frida Kahlo

A pain turned into a myth, a suffering that became a legend. Frida Kahlo’s life was and will continue to be a great example for us, women that want

October 19 2018

It was the worst moment, but you gave me moments that were the best, thank you PEZ D´OR

By Tere Saiz Every day it is more and more frequent to hear about women that live the “Fight against Breast Cancer”, since this disease does not

July 13 2018

Refreshing tips….

During this maternity period, you may start to face some unexpected challenges in the summer heat. Some tips to beat the heat can be: Take advantage

May 23 2018

What to Drink when you Don’t Drink.

  With the arrival of the hot summer weather, let’s admit it, we need to find healthy refreshing drinks that will soothe our thirst, but are

May 18 2018

Coral it up!

One of the hardest colors to find something to combine them with, can be this beautiful coral tone. The power of this tonality obliges us to opt for

May 15 2018

Shine and Glam!

PEZDOR has opted for LUREX striped shiny fabrics, which is a material that is more associated with night looks. In order to find accessories that

May 12 2018

Natural Tones

Since last summer one of the trendiest colors has been khaki green, and it looks like this trend will continue over the summer. If you have chosen

May 10 2018

Going Neutral with Prints and Stripes

For the swimwear garments that are printed or striped, an over sized cover up will be your best ally and it will not take away the leading role of

May 08 2018

Accessorize for black

Our classic black mesh one piece is one of those garments which never gets out of style. Its sophisticated design which is achieved with the double

May 05 2018

Summer Time Approaches

As summer approaches and you have chosen that maternity swimwear garment that is perfect for you, you may start to wonder what other pieces or

May 01 2018

And our story goes….

We have finally taken the leap to start our own blog for the first time ever, where we will try to share interesting articles related to Maternity